Corporate Photographer Gold CoastSteve Lyons is the main man at Aslan Productions Australia. Born in Hobart Tasmania he headed to the Gold Coast in the mid 80′s, when his family wanted to escape the colder weather. There he began working at the local paper in their darkroom, meeting many people he still considers friends today. During that time he developed a love for black and white photography and developing them in the darkroom. This passion saw him travelling to many overseas countries taking photos of different people and cultures. The images gotten during these travels form the private collection that line his home walls today.


During the early 90s, Steve spent $40,000 on a Betacam Video Camera, a big expense back then, but this proved very beneficial, opening the doors to wonderful opportunities, enabling him to work with amazing people such Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop. During this time he travelled the world, making films such as “Trade Not Aid” and showcasing the worldwide community that the Body Shop accessed their many unique products. Steve also worked with Channel 9′s “The Today Show”, in their travel segment, enabling him to continue travelling the world visiting many unique and amazing countries such as Alaska and Europe.


Documentaries + Awards

Steve has extensive experience directing, editing and producing many award winning documentaries. Some of these include “Playground of the Australian Dream” for Channel 9 (which won in the ratings Australia wide), “Ghosts of the Forest” for Channel 7’s “The World Around Us” and “Trade Not Aid” for Anita Roddick founder of the Body Shop. During this time Steve has had the privilege of working with many interesting and talented people who have helped create such interesting stories.